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Best Tea For Colds – Soothe That Pesky Cold With This Warm Beverage

Best Tea For Colds – Soothe That Pesky Cold With This Warm Beverage

The common cold is something everyone at some point will suffer from in their lives, hence the word “common” attached to it. It is unfortunate, frustrating and just a downer to catch this pesky bug. The common cold takes time and thought away from your favorite activities, your family and work. While there is still no magic bullet cure from it, other than a healthy diet, exercise and time, tea can help soothe the nasty feelings of the cold!

What is the best tea for colds, you may ask? Well a few things play into helping out the common cold. Let’s take a look at what exactly the common cold is, what soothes it, the best tea for colds, and my personal go to’s for when I get that bug.

The Common Cold

We’ve all been here, but don’t end up like this poor soul!

The common cold…typically harmless but mentally draining, defeating and a struggle to live with. It makes us reminisce days of clear breathing and restful, silent sleeps without coughs. This viral infection typically affects your head and upper respiratory tract. Some of the annoying symptoms include (1):

  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Cough
  • Congestion
  • Slight Body Aches or a Mild Headache
  • Sneezing
  • Generally Feeling Unwell (Malaise)

They come up out of no where and can ruin your day. While typically it is something that you just have to wait out, there are ways to make the uneasy symptoms listed above easier to deal with.

Soothing the Cold

I have heard the saying if you treat a cold you will be better in 7 days and if you do not treat a cold you will be better in a week. While that is obviously meant to be funny and may be true, certain things done can help alleviate the symptoms above.

First and foremost, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I am a big believer in this. Your body is amazing and will tell you exactly what you need if you listen.

Second, tied into #1, get some rest and stay hydrated. When I say rest, I do not mean to be a couch potato for the next week, but go to bed a little earlier or skip the beer or wine with dinner. Allow your body to do its thing and heal itself. Drink lots of water too! Another reason to skip out on that alcoholic beverage, but water is your friend. Even when you are healthy, you should be drinking water consistently. Good thing for us, tea is made with water!

Third, sip some warm beverages. HELLO TEA! This will help alleviate and release any built up mucus you may have in you respiratory tract. Also, although there is conflicting research (2), some tea provides a nice boost of Vitamin C that may help. Other warm liquids like broths and soup may help too, but tea is the best :).

Fourth, turn on that huidifier and gargle some salt water! A nice humid environment will allow for your respiratory tract to feel cleared up just like the warm beverage, but can be done overnight. If you have a lot of build up or a nasty cough in your throat, gargling some warm salt water may help! Just add a1/2 teaspoon to 8 ounces of warm water and gargle your heart out!

Finally, there are over-the-counter options to use. Talk with a medical professional before doing so and follow labeled instructions for use.

Best Tea for Colds

Let’s get to the good stuff and talk tea! There are a bunch of tea options out there. Below are the most common types found.

  • Green (ex. Matcha, Sencha)
  • Black (ex. Earl Grey, English Breakfast)
  • White (ex. Silver Needle, White Peony)
  • Oolong (ex. Phoenix, Wuyi)
  • Pu’erh (ex. Raw, Ripe)
  • Herbal (ex. Lemon Ginger, Echinacea)

So which is the best for colds? Well, unfortunately there is no magic bullet tea to cure all the cold symptoms, but it seems many herbal teas have a lot of great qualities for kicking your cold. Here are some herbal teas that help with the most common of symptoms!

Peppermint tea: Peppermint tea is refreshing and delicious. Just the smell of it clears up the stuffy nose you may have. The refreshing taste will help eliminate that nasty taste from coughing too. There is even research that peppermint leaves have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties (3), amazing!

Chamomile: Chamomile tea has this fun compound called gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA, which has been researched for its calming effect on rats (4). Chamomile has a nice soothing flavor and is nice to add to a nighttime routine with a cold to help sleep more peacefully.

Echinacea: Echinacea has been studied for its anti-cold properties for many years (5). Although this tea has no conclusive evidence, this may help you get over your next cold quicker!

Elderberry: Elderberry, similar to blueberries, is a dark berry that is high in antioxidants and other amazing compounds. This being said, it has been studied for its effect on colds and shown to potentially reduce the colds length (6)! On top of this, it is delicious and naturally sweet if you have a sweet tooth.

Ginger: Ginger is a remarkable root! It has compounds like gingerol that have medicinal properties, is an anti-inflammatory, soothes your throat and stomach, and the list goes on (7)! Steep some of this root with lemon to get a delicious Vitamin C filled super beverage.

There are even more that I can talk about, but these are some of the most studied and researched for their medicinal qualities! If you want to try one of the above mentioned teas, click on the name to learn more and pick up your favorite!

My Personal Go To’s

When I find myself in the grips of the common cold, I always turn to my favorite teas. Many of those include the ones above, especially ginger, peppermint and echinacea. Ginger and lemon tea is one of the best tasting combos out there!

My mother has always given me echinacea at the first signs of a cold. While the reviews are mixed on its effectiveness, I love it and think it helps tremendously!

Finally, the peppermint is just so refreshing and leaves you feeling great in the midst of not feeling 100%.

If you want to see one of my favorite brands for all the tea described above, click on the type of tea your interested in! Or check out other herbal tea from Buddha Tea here!

Click on the Buddha Teas picture to discover more tea!

Kicking Your Next Cold’s Butt

The common cold is far too common in everyone’s life. While we all wish there was a miracle bullet to get over it quick, there is not. But, that being said we can soothe those nasty symptoms with some of our favorite teas!

Next time you find yourself with a cold, turn to a nice warm cup of tea and get over it in a tasty fashion!

Comment below with your favorite tea to kick a colds butt or if you have any questions!


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8 thoughts on “Best Tea For Colds – Soothe That Pesky Cold With This Warm Beverage

    • Author gravatar

      Yes! Love this and love tea!!
      I’m a big fan of peppermint tea and echinacea tea. I also take Olive Leaf supplements when I feel a cold coming on, but I wonder if there’s Olive Leaf tea?!
      Great post, Vince!

    • Author gravatar

      I have always been a big fan of tea, in fact I have a cup while I watch the sun rise in the mornings I am not rushing off to work.

      I was not aware that camomile tea helps with a cold, I do believe I read that it helps with sleep, and that being the case would help with soothing a sore throat.

      Thanks so much for the very informative article, it reminds me I need to restock my tea stash!

    • Author gravatar

      Great article!
      I love tea, ESPECIALLY when I’m sick. I will be bookmarking this so I can return to the info next time I catch a cold. Thanks for posting!

      • Author gravatar

        Thanks for the comment Melissa! Tea does wonders for making colds that much better so I appreciate hearing this. That’s awesome you will be bookmarking it! Please pass it along to any friends and family too! Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Author gravatar

      The information you share is really interesting and helpful. I don’t like tea very much but am actually going to add it to my list of natural remedies to use in the future. Love how calming and relaxing your site is. Thank you for sharing your love or tea with us!

      • Author gravatar

        Thank you for the comment Mia! I love hearing that my post has given you an urge to try tea. I fully believe there is a tea out there for everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions and I can help guide you towards your best cup! Thanks again!

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