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Generation Tea Review – Tea, Packaging, Mission & More

Generation Tea Review – Tea, Packaging, Mission & More

Here at Fresh Steeps, we partner with different tea brands that support our vision. If you want to refresh what Fresh Steeps vision is check out the “About Vince” page.

Fresh Steeps wants to promote only the healthiest, most sustainable, organic teas that are grown and harvested across the world!

We make sure to research each of the brands we affiliate with to ensure the tea we promote is harvested with caring and loving hands so that the love that is poured into the leaves throughout the process is also steeped into our cups!

Here is an in depth Generation Tea review!

Generation Tea’s Story & Values

Michael Sanft Founder of Generation Tea

Generation Tea started with its love for true, authentic and pure Chinese tea. They saw themselves as dedicated tea drinkers and wanted to reach out to and inspire other tea lovers!

Founded by Michael Sanft, he was first introduced to his first real tea store 30 years ago in New York’s Chinatown. His life was altered ever since.

Michael sees tea from the perspective of healing of the mind, body and spirit. A practitioner of Tajiquan, Qigong, student of herbology, massage therapy and more, he extends his practices now into natural health and a tea health style.

Not only being an advocate for the wonderful flavors and health benefits of tea, Michael and his family of 4 practice the tea life themselves! His goal is to show the world the pure raw power of preservative-free, all natural tea, and authentic Chinese tea!

Tea Quality

Generation Tea specializes solely in Chinese tea and believes tea is perfect the way it grows! This means…NO additives and NO preservatives!

Because they only specialize in Chinese tea, you will NOT find black and herbal (tisanes) tea. Those are predominantly from India, Africa, the UK, and other countries.

What they do offer…pu’erh, oolong, green, and white tea!

Generation Tea’s tea is some of the most authentic Fresh Steeps has experienced.

The most impressive is the pu’erh. Not many places have true and authentic pu’erh tea, but Generation Tea nails it! They have many of the unique types you can experience with pu’erh (if you need a refresher on those, check out Fresh Steeps Pu’erh Tea Facts post here)!

They also have true white and oolong teas that are sure to make you crave more and more after each sip!

The biggest quality issue is that it is not stated directly whether or not Generation Tea sources organic tea. This is something that Fresh Steeps likes to ensure with our partners because organic is more than just about quality but a way of growing, harvesting and environmental protection.

This being said, there is true care and love put into the quality of the tea. This is shown in the flavors and authenticity of the tea!


22 year fermented pu’erh from Generation Tea

Generation Tea has an enthusiasm for authentic tea and this comes out in all aspects, even the packaging! There are different layers to the packaging. Let’s start with how the tea comes delivered.

The tea comes to you in a plastic bag air sealed bag…this definitely is not Fresh Steeps favorite. Fresh Steeps looks for companies that consider the full life cycle of the tea production process and the shipping package should always be considered! This is not ideal.

Now, onto the tea…

For what they lack in the outer packaging, they make up for in their tea packages! As mentioned, Generation Tea provide true and authentic tea. Their most impressive tea in our opinion is their pu’erh!

Pu’erh is known for the unique packaging and Generation Tea does it perfectly! They provide many varieties that are all authentic to original pu’erh packaging.

We love seeing this both because aesthetically it is beautiful, but also it shows they care!

Bonus Points

Generation Tea does not have a flashy website, but they truly care about authenticity. That shows in how they present their teas on their site.

The site has many pictures of unique looking shapes and varieties that come as shown.

On top of this, they provide many options for ordering quantity! This may present a bit of confusion for those who do not know, but you will see quantities like, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb, 3.2kg and more. For reference, 1oz typically can make 10 cups of tea!

So, Should I Trust Generation Tea?

Generation Tea was founded on the idea of providing authentic, pure, high quality tea leaves to other enthusiastic tea lovers, and they do just that!

Click on the image to discover more about Generation Tea!

The downsides are, they do NOT mention if the tea is organic, they do NOT have black or herbal (tisanes) tea, the tea is delivered in plastic packaging and the quantities to choose from may be a bit confusing.

Otherwise, they are one of the few places to find true pu’erh, green, oolong, and white tea that are all aesthetically beautiful.

If you are looking for an authentic experience of Chinese tea, then Fresh Steeps highly recommends Generation Tea! If you want to explore their site for yourself, click here or on the picture of Generation Tea’s logo!

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