Partnerships & Collaborations

Here at Fresh Steeps, a major part of our work is promoting & collaborating with other tea brands & tea lovers around the world! It is important that both parties understand what to expect from one another. This will ensure that both Fresh Steeps & their partner are satisfied with the arrangement.

Fresh Steeps partners with brands to market & promote them to a new & larger audience. Fresh Steeps does this by writing in depth reviews of the brand & product, recording videos (currently on Instagram primarily) of “first sips”, & incorporating their brand name & site in other posts written in relation to the product.

Brand & Tea Reviews

Fresh Steeps reviews tea brands by looking at their story, mission/vision, sustainability practices, tea sourcing/growing practices, tea quality & overall product. It is important for us to analyze the details of a brand because we have found when the details are considered in a product the quality is accentuated.

Fresh Steeps will give their full opinion in all aspects, both positive & negative. Fresh Steeps will not purposefully tarnish a brand name. We will give an in depth & truthful analysis based on our experience with the product & company. In return for the reviews, Fresh Steeps asks for tea to be provided to review.

When a company partners with us, even if tea is sent, we have the ultimate decision to review the product or not. It is expected that proper reasoning would ensue if a product is not reviewed for any reason.

We will always communicate with the company when we have received the product. The tea reviews work on a “first come, first serve” basis. This means that reviews will go in the order in which the product is received. Reviews will take time. We want to ensure we have all the information we need to write an in depth review of the product & brand. We will communicate tentative dates & any other information desired by the company.

Shop & Sip Page

Fresh Steeps site contains a “Shop & Sip” page. This page is intended to highlight specific products of brands. This will be utilized when the brand & Fresh Steeps comes to an agreement. This is open to negotiation, but Fresh Steeps will have the final say on what goes on that page.

Social Media Giveaways

Fresh Steeps is working on setting up “Social Media Giveaways”. An agreement between the brand & Fresh Steeps will ensue to make sure that the giveaway meets the brands requirements & needs. The purpose of this will be to spread both Fresh Steeps & the involved company’s brand name as well as products.

Final Thoughts

Fresh Steeps ultimately will have the final say in what gets posted on the website & social media pages. Fresh Steeps is willing to hear any thoughts & ideas from partners & collaborators. Fresh Steeps wants to spread the love, peace & joy of tea to others just like many of the brands involved in this industry.

If there are any questions or inquiries please email Vince at or direct message the Fresh Steeps Instagram page.