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Tea For Fasting – What Is The Best Tea

Tea For Fasting – What Is The Best Tea

Part 2 of tea and fasting! If you want to learn more about my experience with fasting, what fasting technically is, & some science behind fasting check out Fresh Steeps’ previous post “Fasting and Tea – Understanding the Science“. If you already read that & are here for more excellent fasting info, then read on!

As mentioned in the previous article, I intermittently fast daily. During my fasting time I do drink tea though! I believe, & there is sound science to back those beliefs, that certain herbs & teas when consumed while in a fasted state can boost & enhance the benefits we already see from fasting!

This article will dive into what tea is actually good for different benefits of fasting. Not only are we looking at tea for fasting in general, but more specifically tea for metabolism, tea to boost autophagy, & tea for mental clarity.

Tea & Metabolism

When practicing intermittent fasting (IF) you eat in a small window of the day rather than eating whenever you want. Depending on when that window is for you, the bodies metabolism will be affected for better or worse. Our bodies have adapted to eating during the day & resting at night. This being said, if food intake is restricted at night, our metabolism will have an opportunity to rev up & stay “on” longer!

Depending on the time of day, certain tea can help boost those metabolic effects. Tea with caffeine should be consumed in the AM & herbal tea (or caffeine free tea) in the PM. What are the best teas to boost metabolism though? Below are a list of our favorites!

  • Jasmine Green Tea: A personal fav! Jasmine green tea is green tea (typically sencha) scented with the jasmine flower. Green tea has metabolism boosting polyphenols, such as EGCG, that kick start that fat burning process!
  • Earl Grey Black Tea: Black tea, similarly to green tea has polyphenols (typically not as much due to oxidation), that get those metabolic effects going. This also includes bergamot oil which is a citrus derivative. Citrus helps get those metabolic mechanisms pumping in the body!
  • Ginger Tea: Ginger is an incredible root. It can do much for the body, but digestion & metabolism are what it is best at! Check out some awesome science behind ginger here!
  • Yerba Mate: Mate is a South American stable. This tea has the caffeine effects of coffee but the antioxidants of tea. The high caffeine & polyphenols rev up that metabolism during a fast!
  • Tiesta Tea’s Lean Green Machine: This green tea blend is a perfect mix of sencha green tea, lemon peel, lemongrass, orange, & bergamot! It really makes boosting your metabolism taste great.

Interested in trying out one of the above teas? Click on the one you are interested to explore Fresh Steeps favorite brands!

Tea & Autophagy

Autophagy is our bodies self-cleansing process. When you begin to deplete the body of glycogen (energy) stores in the liver, it resorts to finding food elsewhere. Typically, this is when you begin burning fat, but also the healthy cells in the body begin to consume the damaged & dying cells! This is great because an abundance of those cells can cause major challenges like tumor growth.

Autophagy typically kicks in 16 hours into a fast. These teas can help boost that process & potentially start it quicker! More research is needed to verify, but here are our favorites!

  • Green Tea: No specific type, all are great options! As was stated in the metabolism section, this tea contains high levels of EGCG. This has been shown to boost autophagy in many studies (1, 2)!
  • Earl Grey Black Tea: Another area this tea can have amazing benefits! The bergamot helps cleanse & the caffeine from the black tea helps boost the autophagy mechanism.
  • Turmeric & Ginger Tea: Curcumin & 6-Shogaol, found in turmeric & ginger respectively, boost these autophagic effects. Try out these two together for a delicious mix (4, 5)!
  • Reishi Mushroom Tea: Reishi is a mushroom that has been used in ancient Chinese medicine as a longevity supplement. This mushroom when incorporated into tea can boost the autophagic process. It tastes great too (6)!
  • Tiesta Tea’s Blueberry Wild Child: This blend consists of blueberries, hibiscus, elderberries, rose hips & more, all of which provide resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant aids in autophagy (3)!

Interested in trying out one of the above teas? Click on the one you are interested to explore Fresh Steeps favorite brands!

Tea & Mental Clarity

Typically, when I eat a big meal or one high in sugar & carbs, I get a brain fog. My mind is cloudy, I feel as if I cannot think straight, I am lethargic & not feeling myself. Fasting causes me to feel alert & focused, especially around the 16-hour mark. Around this time the body begins burning fats for energy instead of glycogen. This process is known as ketosis!

Ketosis is the process of burning ketones versus glycogen for energy. Ketones comprise our bodies fat storage. Are there teas that boost ketosis & mental clarity? Sure are! Check out our favs below!

  • Green Tea: Surprise, surprise! Green tea is just the best. It contains no carbs & a bunch of antioxidants. Great for mental well-being.
  • Black Tea: Fewer antioxidants than green tea, more caffeine (if prepared properly), & overall great taste!
  • White Tea: Same as the green tea, but even more antioxidants! Powerful leaves right here!
  • Oolong Tea: Flavors that range all over the board. Just ensure you are drinking the pure leaves & not oolong mixed with any fruits!
  • Pu’erh Tea: The least common tea for the public. This tea is excellent for the gut & mind! Learn more about pu’erh here!

Overall, for mental clarity during your fast, look to pure tea. This means to stay away from tea with fruits added that may provide sugar into your cup.

Interested in trying out one of the above teas? Click on the one you are interested to explore Fresh Steeps favorite brands!

Tea & Fasting For Me

First, a note from Fresh Steeps. We are not licensed physicians. These posts are here to share our personal experience, shed light on new topics for people, expand peoples horizon on health & allow others to question their healthcare practices. If you are inspired by this contact your medical care provider for health tips on fasting! We will always promote tea & share the power it has provided for us!

Fasting is much more than just a way to lose weight. It can helps cleanse the body of toxins, boost metabolic effects in our bodies for greater heart & organ health, it can provide mental clarity & reduce brain fog, & so much more! Tea can be added as a supplement to your fasting routine to not only curb those hunger pangs, but also provide boosting effects for the health benefits!

I love incorporating all the above options into my fasting routine. It gives me options to choose from depending on the day. Overall however, my favorite go-to teas for fasting are jasmine green tea, earl grey black tea, & yerba mate. These all provide so many incredible benefits & give me a great feeling during my fast.

Interested in trying these teas out? Click on the tea name below from a few of my favorite tea brands!

Jasmine Green Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea

Yerba Mate

Let us know in the comment section below if you try any of these out or if you have any questions!


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      This is so useful! I’ve been off and on with Intermittent fasting for a long time. I typically drink coffee in the mornings when I do it, but the heavy caffeine always makes me jittery and feeling off.

      Thank you so much for sharing this information about how Tea can be so helpful in the intermittent fasting process!

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