Tea Tips

Tea is a tricky science. When you brew a cup of tea you are acting truly like a chemist in a lab! Good thing for you is the science has pretty much been done for you, all you need to do is know the tips & tricks to brew your perfect cuppa tea!

Below are some generalized tips for brewing a delicious cuppa tea. If you are an avid tea drinker & connoisseur you will recognize that these are NOT fact for ALL varieties in each “type of tea”. These are rather guides for those just starting the tea journey & looking to enhance their knowledge!

Tea Oxidization

Tea oxidation is important because it is what gives us the differences from green tea to black tea! All tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, but if you have ever had a cup of green tea or black tea you can quickly determine they are very different. Why? Because of oxidation! Check out this quick reference to see what oxidation level is in each type of tea.

Type of TeaOxidation (%)
White0 – 5
Green5 – 10
Oolong10 – 85
Black90 – 100

Oxidation of tea affects flavor, aroma, antioxidant levels, & look of the tea!

Steep Temperature

The oxidation of tea is important because it also affects how hot you should steep your tea & for how long. Generally speaking, the more oxidized your tea, the longer & hotter you can steep it for. Again, there are exceptions to these rules! See the Fresh Steeps tea tips for brewing temperatures.

Type of TeaTemperature (°F)Temperature (°C)
White160 – 17070 – 76
Green160 -17070 – 76
Oolong180 – 19582 – 90
BlackNear Boiling (205 – 210)Near Boiling (96 – 99)
Pu’erhRolling Boil (212)Rolling Boil (100)

Steep Time

As mentioned above, the time & temperature all depends on the oxidation levels. The less oxidized a tea leaf, the more likely it is to get burnt with higher temperatures & longer steep times. This will give you a bitter & dry tea that no one likes! Check out the Fresh Steeps tea tips for steep time below!

Type of TeaTime (minutes)
White2 – 3
Green2 – 3
Pu’erh4 – 5

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