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Tea To Boost Sex Drive – Herbs To Help Increase Libido

Tea To Boost Sex Drive – Herbs To Help Increase Libido

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This holiday is credited with being the holiday of romanticism & nothing is less frustrating for you & your partner than having a low or no sex drive.

Many factors play into why this may be the case & if you are truly struggling with a low libido then reach out to a licensed physician to look at your overall lifestyle, but herbs & tea are never a bad thing to implement to your daily routine!

Let’s dive into the world of aphrodisiac teas & discover tea to boost sex drive & turn this Valentine’s Day into a hot & steamy holiday for you & your partner.

What’s Up With My Sex Drive?

Sex drive is simply naturally different for everyone! Some people are ready to go any minute of any day while others need a little more time. This being said, it is healthy to have a “normal” sex drive (normal being what is common for you).

If you notice a drop in your libido there may be many factors playing into this. It is important to look at the overall lifestyle & system of your body to make an accurate diagnosis. Below is a list of what effects your libido.

  • Diet
  • Stress Management
  • Mind-Body Balance
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Regular Exercise
  • Communication & Connection With Your Partner

All of these aforementioned should come as no surprise. They are the buzz words you hear all the time for a healthy lifestyle & a healthy lifestyle includes a healthy sex life!

If you are struggling in any of these areas reach out to a professional for assistance. People are here to help. On top of all of this, therapy is also always a beautiful thing! A strong mind-body connection includes healthy mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, & sexual health.

While these are majorly important you can always take your sex drive to the next level by introducing certain herbs as tea into your daily life. I like to categorize herbs for sex life into two types, zippy & chill. The zippy herbs will create an energetic type boost for your sex life. These herbs will help excite you! The chill herbs will calm & relax your mind & body. Nothing ruins an intimate moment worse than stress or anxiety. Check out our favorites!

Enjoy some delicious tea with your partner!

Zippy Herbs

Sometimes all you need is a little energy boost to kick up your libido. Tea is great because if you choose a green, black, or white tea the caffeine will help increase your energy. However, it may be late & you are looking to stay away from caffeinated beverages. Check out the Fresh Steeps favorites for boosting your energy & arousal!

  • Ashwagandha – A personal favorite of mine, this adaptogenic herb is said to give you the vitality & stamina of a horse! Especially potent for men, it has been shown to boost sperm count & aid erectile dysfunction.
  • Ginseng – A dopamine enhancer making it perfect for women & men. It also has the ability to limit nitric oxide (NO) buildup thus allowing men to have stronger erections.
  • Rhodiola – Perfect for boosting desire & performance for both men & women. It has potential to aid with premature ejaculation. It can increase overall satisfaction, pleasure, & response to orgasms.
  • Horny Goat Weed – Just read the name! This herb will get you ready to jump in the sheets ASAP! Strong libido booster for anyone & everyone.
  • Tribulus – After use over a period of time (a month or more) people with low sex drives have seen a boost. There are claims that this will boost testosterone however there is very little evidence to support that.

Chill Herbs

If you have ever tried to get frisky with your partner while in a stressed out or anxious state you probably quickly realized it just was not gonna happen. Stress can kill a mood quicker than your parents walking in on you. Luckily there are some herbs to help relax the mind & body & even act as an aphrodisiac! Check them out below.

Nothing more romantic than roses & tea!

  • Damiana – A gorgeous yellow wildflower with the reputation of enhancing libido & mood. The flavor is earthy & sweet & pairs perfectly with chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, & other spices!
  • Roses – Beautiful looking, smelling, & yes even tasting! The floral scent will immediately relax you while the delicious tea will even calm the spirit. Rose will accent the romantic evening perfectly & even calm nerves, boost your mood, & open your heart!
  • Passionflower – An amazing sedative type herb that is perfect for relaxing the mood & allowing you to open up fully to the intimacy with your partner. It pairs wonderfully with many of these other herbs including skullcap.
  • Skullcap – Not the most romantic sounding herb, this is very similar to passionflower. It is said to relieve tension & stress in the upper back & neck which may be perfect to enjoy before a massage??? How romantic!
  • Lemon Balm – An uplifting, yet calming herb. The smell alone brings a fresh lemon scent to the room which livens your spirit & calms the mind. Enjoy this heart opener with your partner!

My Sex Life & Tea

As mentioned, if you are struggling with low libido please consult a licensed professional. Whether that be a dietitian, therapist, physician, whoever, it is always best to consult professionals. Before introducing a new herb into your daily routine talk with a dietitian or physician to ensure that all aspects of the herb is taken into consideration.

Low sex drive can be frustrating on many levels. It takes a toll emotionally, mentally, sexually, & can lead to strains in your relationship. It is important to note your overall health & routine. Take a look at your diet, exercise routine, stress load, sleep schedule, & always communicate with your partner! If you are looking to spice it up & take your sex life & libido up a notch then maybe a herbal remedy is right for you!

There are so many great herbs & tea to boost sex drive, the challenge is to find the best one for you! Try one out for a week & note the differences.

Let me know in the comments what your experience is with any & all of these herbs & please reach out with specific questions at vince@freshsteeps.com!


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