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Tiesta Tea Review – Tea, Packaging, Mission & More

Tiesta Tea Review – Tea, Packaging, Mission & More

Here at Fresh Steeps, we partner with different tea brands that support our vision. If you want to refresh what Fresh Steeps vision is check out the “About Vince” page.

Fresh Steeps wants to promote only the healthiest, most sustainable teas that are grown and harvested across the world!

We make sure to research each of the brands we affiliate with to ensure the tea we promote is harvested with caring and loving hands so that the love that is poured into the leaves throughout the process is also steeped into our cups!

Here is an in depth Tiesta Tea review!

Tiesta Tea’s Story & Values

Dan & Patrick!

Tiesta Tea was founded by Patrick Tannous & Dan Klein, two University of Illinois graduates that have been friends since preschool. During a study abroad trip to Prague, they had the luxury of experiencing their first loose-leaf tea experience. It changed their views immediately & knew they needed to take this experience back to the United States.

When they returned, they noticed that loose-leaf tea was both expensive & not easily accessible. It was confusing & overall not an easy & enjoyable experience in the States. They asked, what if we flipped this upside down?

Tiesta was then founded on the basic principles of ease & accessibility to all. Dan & Patrick want tea to be an experience that revolutionizes peoples every day life. They believe that tea, which may be considered a luxury by most, should be a part of everyone’s day.

They have countless blends that are all hand tested & tasted in their “tea lab”, they are created to serve a particular function, & are of course affordable. Tiesta partners with grocery stores & cafes to make the tea easy to find for everyone.

Want to learn more about their story? Check out their “About Us” page here!

Tea Quality

At first glance, I was hesitant looking through their site, seeing “natural flavors” on their products & no sourcing info. I believe the entire tea process from planting & harvesting to steeping & disposing are important for a successful tea. Upon further digging, Tiesta has been 100% transparent about the sourcing of all of their tea, herbs, fruits & flavoring.

Tea Tasting Time!

Organic tea is an important value for Fresh Steeps. It shows that farmers are doing their part to ensure proper management & handling of the planet are maintained for future tea drinkers! Many of Tiesta Tea’s products are organic. They source their tea & herbs from all over the world inspecting for quality & financial improvement. I had the pleasure of joining Patrick for a tea tasting to test out a potential new product.

The tea & herbs that are not organic are strictly enforced by the EU guidelines for food & beverage. Being in the United States, that is excellent to hear considering the EU has tighter guidelines than the US.

Ultimately, when asking Tiesta about their teas quality, they told me, “We do not serve our customers products we ourselves would not drink” & that to me speaks volumes!

Want to explore their tea for yourself? Check out their many options here!


Tasty Tiesta Rainbow!

Packaging speaks a lot about a company. If small details in packaging are considered, then you know that they will also be considered in the tea. Tiesta is unique in this sense because they have some of the most vibrant & fun packaging I have yet to see!

In an interview back in 2013 when asked why choose the name “Tiesta”, Dan & Patrick responded that “when you think Tiesta, you think fiesta…” & that is exactly what their packaging says! The packages are colored red, blue, green, purple, & yellow each representing the functionality of the tea.

  • Red = Energizer Tea
  • Green = Slenderizer Tea
  • Blue = Eternity Tea
  • Yellow = Immunity Tea
  • Purple = Relaxer Tea

This makes it not only fun to look at, but easy to make a clear distinction of what you want out of your tea!

The tea comes in three container options, ready-to-drink (RTD) glass bottles, tins & baggies. The tins are great because they can be reused or recycled & contain little to no plastic. The baggies unfortunately are plastic made. The glass bottles are an excellent choice for a quick & cold on the go beverage. The glass can also be recycled, repurposed, or reused!

Bonus Points

Here are a few more awesome & unique aspects about Tiesta Tea!

  • Tiesta Tea Foundation! Tiesta Tea gives back to communities via their foundation. They provide assistance to those in economic hardship, increase awareness of those with special needs, & help bring access to clean drinking water in the developing world. Learn more here!
  • Only loose-leaf tea! Tiesta found that not only are bagged teas wasteful, but they significantly reduce the quality of their teas flavor.
  • Small business! Local to the Chicagoland, Tiesta is a small but growing business. They are all personable & take pride in their tea.
  • Customer focused! They care about what tea does for the consumer because they are the consumer too!

So, Should I Trust Tiesta Tea?

Tiesta Tea was founded by two friends looking to share their delightful experience with tea to the rest of the United States. They saw a challenge. Loose-leaf tea was too expensive & not accessible, so they made a change.

Tiesta is brand built on providing tea to people that they themselves would drink, & do drink! They ensure that they meet with their suppliers & are 100% transparent about the sourcing of their tea, herbs, fruits & flavors. Tiesta does their due diligence to ensure the best quality for the most affordable price.

They make tea fun. First thing I noticed was the packaging & how bright & colorful they make everything. They make Tiesta Tea a fiesta for all the teamigos!

Overall, this brand is out here looking to bring health & wellness through tea to others. In our eyes, that is admirable & we applaud that mission!

If you enjoyed this Tiesta Tea’s review or have any questions, let us know in comments! Are you inspired to explore their tea? Check out their site here!

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      Hello – very interesting article on tea. I had no idea “that bagged teas significantly reduce the quality of their teas flavor”. I especially applaud the statement “It shows that farmers are doing their part to ensure proper management & handling of the planet are maintained for future tea drinkers!” That is so important to me, being a 3rd generation Farmer. Congratulations on your tea business.
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