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Tiesta Tea’s Lavender Chamomile – Health Benefits, Flavor, & More

Tiesta Tea’s Lavender Chamomile – Health Benefits, Flavor, & More

I started drinking tea because of the health benefits. I found that green tea contained a myriad of incredible molecules & compounds that I wanted to incorporate into my life, like polyphenols & EGCG. The more I drank tea, the more I learned that there is a tea for every bodily function, system, mood & more.

Tiesta Tea was founded on the idea of making tea not only accessible & affordable to everyone, but also easier to understand. Founders, Dan & Patrick too found the health benefits in tea & wanted to share them with the world!

Fresh Steeps & Tiesta Tea have partnered up to bring science-backed research on tea, specifically Tiesta Tea’s tea! Let’s dive deep into one of their top herbal blends, Lavender Chamomile! If you want to learn more about Tiesta Tea, check out Fresh Steeps’ in depth review of Tiesta here.

Flavor & Ingredients in Lavender Chamomile

Lavender Chamomile, the epitome of herbs for relaxation. This combo sounds like springtime garden in a cup! This tea is one of Tiesta’s herbal blends. This means that it does not contain Camellia sinensis, AKA green, white, black, oolong, or pu’erh tea. What you will find however is…

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Lemongrass
  • Blue Mallow Blossoms

Yoga & Lavender Chamomile tea…nothing better!

Combining these ingredients creates an exquisitely soothing beverage that can, & will, transport your mind, body, & spirit to a peaceful meadow. The aromatic scent of lavender & lemongrass alone will calm your senses. The lemongrass also balances the earthy notes with its citrusy & minty flavors!

I personally love brewing this tea warm & sipping slowly. It allows me to slow life down & take things easy. I find it perfect for an early start on the day watching the sunrise, perfect for a meditation or yoga practice, watching a favorite movie, or unwinding before bedtime!

As incredible as this sounds, we are here to talk health benefits. You may be asking yourself, “Sounds great, but how do these herbs help me relax?” or “What the heck is a blue mallow blossom?!”. Great questions! Read on to find out!

If you want to try out the calming deliciousness, click here!

Health Benefits of Lavender Chamomile

Here we are going to look at each individual ingredient & what they can provide for the body. One thing I love about Tiesta Tea is they breakdown their teas into functionality. This means their tea can fall be an Immunity, Energizer, Slenderizer, Relaxer, or Eternity tea! Lavender Chamomile is a Relaxer Tea!

  • Lavender
    • Stress & anxiety are major contributors to restlessness. Chronic inflammation in the body can induce these stressful responses. Lavender contains compounds that act in anti-inflammatory ways! These compounds are prostanoids, nitric oxide (NO), proinflammatory cytokines, and histamine that act together to create an anti-inflammatory response in the body. On top of that, lavender has antiseptic properties, can aid in digestion, may help restore patchy hair loss, & more!
    • Interested in learning more about lavender? Check out this lavender tea benefits post!

Click on the pic to try these healthy ingredients!

  • Chamomile
    • Arguably the most popular sleepy time herb! Chamomile is an earthy flower high in antioxidants with relaxation inducing abilities. One of the antioxidants present is apigenin. Apigenin binds to certain receptors in the brain that promote sleepiness & a calm mind. Chamomile may also lessen the stressful effects of depression that can keep you awake & restless. This herb may also promote healthy digestion, boost your hearts functionality, & control blood sugar (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)!
  • Lemongrass
    • A natural anxiolytic! Lemongrass contains this compound known in short as GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). This compound acts in the brain as a “destresser” by inhibiting the brain’s activity pathways for stress. Additionally, lemongrass boosts metabolism & brain function, has a boatload of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, & may help regulate blood pressure!
    • Check out more facts about lemongrass benefits here!
  • Blue Mallow Blossoms
    • Blue mallow blossoms are a brightly colored blue flower with strong ability to relieve a sore & hoarse throat. It does this by increasing the secretion of mucus. It also aids in digestion by aiding bile production & lowering intestinal inflammation. By doing so this reduces discomfort in the body allowing for greater relaxation (10).

Lavender Chamomile at a Glance

First, a note: Before attempting to cure yourself with any herb or medicine, please consult a licensed physician! Do the research for yourself too. You will always be your best advocate; we are here to simply provide information and help guide!

Tiesta calls this a Relaxer Tea & with the combinations of these herbs’ anti-inflammatory & anxiolytic properties, on top of the antioxidants such as apigenin, this tea is ready to induce a sedative state for you!

Interested in trying some for yourself? Check out Tiesta Tea’s Lavender Chamomile here! Let us know in the comments what your favorite ingredient is in Tiesta Tea’s Lavender Chamomile!


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      I’ve been integrating this blend in my nighttime routine and really enjoy it. It makes me happy ending my day knowing that I’m “ feeding” my body something with so many benefits. The calming factor has been great for lulling me to a sound sleep.

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