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Tiesta Tea’s Peaches N’ Green – Health Benefits, Flavor, & More

Tiesta Tea’s Peaches N’ Green – Health Benefits, Flavor, & More

I started drinking tea because of the health benefits. I found that green tea contained a myriad of incredible molecules & compounds that I wanted to incorporate into my life, like polyphenols & EGCG. The more I drank tea, the more I learned that there is a tea for every bodily function, system, mood & more.

Tiesta Tea was founded on the idea of making tea not only accessible & affordable to everyone, but also easier to understand. Founders, Dan & Patrick too found the health benefits in tea & wanted to share them with the world!

Fresh Steeps & Tiesta Tea have partnered up to bring science-backed research on tea, specifically Tiesta Tea’s tea! Let’s dive deep into one of their top green tea blends, Peaches N’ Green! If you want to learn more about Tiesta Tea, check out Fresh Steeps’ in depth review of Tiesta here.

Flavor & Ingredients in Peaches N’ Green

Peaches N’ Green, just sounds like a summer’s day in a cup! This tea is one of Tiesta’s green tea blends. This means that it does contain Camellia sinensis, AKA green, white, black, oolong, or pu’erh tea. On top of the wonderful deliciousness of green tea, you will also find in this blend…

  • Peach
  • Pineapple
  • Lemongrass
  • Peach & Pineapple Natural Flavoring

Combining these ingredients creates a subtly sweet beverage that can, & will, refresh your body & mind. The aroma is that of a vegetal green tea with sweetness from peaches & citrus. With the natural sweetness from the fruits & flowers, it will satiate any sweet craving you may have while also providing an energy boost to your day!

I personally love brewing this tea warm & either drinking warm or pouring immediately over ice. I enjoy this tea prior to working out, starting my day, or even as a mid afternoon pick-me-up!

As incredible as this sounds, we are here to talk health benefits. You may be asking yourself, “Sounds great, but what are the health benefits in such a deliciously refreshing tea?”. Great question! Read on to find out!

If you want to try out the awesome deliciousness, click here!

Health Benefits of Peaches N’ Green

Here we are going to look at each individual ingredient & what they can provide for the body. One thing I love about Tiesta Tea is they breakdown their teas into functionality. This means their tea can fall be an Immunity, Energizer, Slenderizer, Relaxer, or Eternity tea! Peaches N’ Green is a Slenderizer Tea!

  • Green Tea
    • Green tea is an incredible tea. The tea is one of the least processed & oxidized of the teas. This means that it keeps a higher antioxidant level than black, oolong or pu’erh. What can we find in green tea that makes this a Slenderizer tea? Green tea has a low level of caffeine (~20 – 60mg depending on how you brew it). Caffeine will rev up your metabolism because it is stimulant! On top of that, green tea contains a powerful polyphenol known as EGCG. This has been linked to mobilizing fat from fat cells, increasing fat burning during exercise, boosting your metabolic rate, & so much more! (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
    • Want to learn more about green tea? Click here!
  • Peach
    • The delicious peach! This fruit is filled with vitamins & minerals such as vitamin C, A, potassium, niacin & more! There is evidence that the antioxidant effects of peaches works as quickly as 30 minutes! This fruit can potentially aid in digestion as well. With the high soluble fiber content, this fruit provides a healthy feeding ground for your gut microbiome. This will allow for reduced inflammation in the gut & easier digestion. (15, 16, 17, 18)
  • Pineapple
    • Another nutrient packed fruit! Pineapple contains over 100% of the RDI of vitamin C, as well as high amounts of manganese, B6, potassium, & magnesium. Loaded with flavonoids, this fruit helps beat back oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, & supports a healthy immune system (11, 12, 13).
  • Lemongrass
    • Lemongrass has recently become a personal favorite herb of mine! It is an easy one to add to tea & dishes for a delicious & healthy boost. Lemongrass can do so much for us. It has antimicrobial effects in our gut, highly bioavailable nutrients & antioxidants, minimizes digestive disorders, has mood & brain boosting effects, & also boosts metabolism! The metabolic effects have been shown on lab scales, but more research is needed (13, 14).
    • Click here to find an in depth review of lemongrass’ benefits!
  • Peach & Pineapple Natural Flavoring
    • While there are not any health benefits associated with these natural flavorings, unless you are allergic to any of these, there are no side effects to be found.

    Peaches N’ Green at a Glance

    First, a note: Before attempting to use any herb or medicine as a treatment for yourself, please consult a licensed physician! Do the research for yourself too. You will always be your best advocate. We are not licensed physicians, we are here to simply provide information and help guide because we have found benefits in using these herbs & tea in our lives!
    Tiesta calls this a Slenderizer Tea. Green tea alone has incredible metabolic boosting effects, but combined with peaches, pineapple, & lemongrass this tea will aid digestion, boost metabolism, provide a healthy feeding ground for the gut microbiome, & reduce inflammation, all of which is necessary for healthy living. On top of all these incredible benefits, this tea is delicious & refreshing!

    Interested in trying some for yourself? Check out Tiesta Tea’s Peaches N’ Green here! Let us know in the comments what your favorite ingredient is in Tiesta Tea’s Peaches N’ Green!


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