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Vahdam Teas Review – Tea Packaging, Mission, & More

Vahdam Teas Review – Tea Packaging, Mission, & More

Here at Fresh Steeps, we partner with different tea brands that support our vision. If you want to refresh what Fresh Steeps vision is check out the “About Vince” page.

Fresh Steeps wants to promote only the healthiest, most sustainable, organic teas that are grown and harvested across the world!

We make sure to research each of the brands we affiliate with to ensure the tea we promote is harvested with caring and loving hands so that the love that is poured into the leaves throughout the process is also steeped into our cups!

Here is an in depth Vahdam Teas review!

Vahdam Teas’ Story & Values

Bala Sarda, Founder of Vahdam Teas!

Vahdam Teas starts in India, where founder Bala Sarda decided to continue on with his family’s legacy of owning & operating tea farms & brands. He started Vahdam with the idea of supplying only the healthiest teas for you & the planet.

Bala has one mission with Vahdam, to provide tea directly from the source with no middleman.

“Our sole purpose is to redefine the way the world discerns tea. The conventional supply of tea in India is impaired by the involvement of multiple middlemen like auctioneers, retailers, and suppliers.” – From the Vahdam Teas site

By doing this, Vahdam ensures not only the highest quality of their product, but also the fairest treatment of the farmers & workers in India.

Vahdam Teas has laid out specifically 8 values to the brand. Those are…

  1. Obsessed with Quality: If you do not have quality in a product, the overall experience is tainted.
  2. Frugality: “We aim to do more with less, which enables us to redirect and invest more resources into our products & people.”
  3. Feasible Innovation: Leading the tea industry in new tea technology!
  4. Respect, Integrity, & Professionalism: “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards negativity, disrespect, and any sort of prejudice based on caste, religion, gender, and race.”
  5. Every Task has Value: Everyone has value & everything they do has value. Without one piece of the puzzle the tea would not happen.
  6. Effective Time Management: “Prudent and pragmatic utilization of time cultivates a culture of efficiency, efficacy, and excellence.”
  7. Taking Ownership: Taking responsibility for your work ensures things get done. Ties in with “every task has value”.
  8. Taking Initiative: “We celebrate people who observe what needs to be done in a situation, decide to take charge, and get the job done.”

Want to learn more about Vahdam Teas? Click here to check out their story!

Tea Quality

The first bullet point of their values is tea quality. So, how does the quality uphold? What I look for in tea to determine the quality is the leaf integrity, tea color, tea taste, & the background of where the tea is grown & harvested.

I would love to visit the tea farms myself, but that is very challenging to do so! I have discussed with Vahdam Teas about their process & a few points came up that I like. Tea has been in Bala Sarda’s family for over 80 years. He has been raised on tea farms & understands the process to ensure the best quality. Being in India, the tea is different from that of Chinese or Japanese teas. This is seen in the taste & color of the teas.

For the leaf integrity, tea color & taste, Vahdam has many varieties of teas! Some are loose-leaf, bagged, or even powdered form! I have had the opportunity to try their bagged Himalayan green tea, the bagged turmeric ginger herbal tea, ashwaganda turmeric latte powder, & chai ashwaganda cinnamon latte powder. (Click on one to check them out)!

Pyramid Shaped Teabag

Starting with the bagged teas, personally I never like bagged tea. I will drink it, but I have found overall the bags are filled with lower quality leaves & therefore it is seen in the cup. Bags also restrict the leaves ability to unfurl properly & therefore results in a less potent tea. The bags Vahdam uses however are the pyramid shaped tea bags. This does allow for more space & therefore a better cup of tea than typical tea bags.

The latte powders are delicious! I love the powders for a couple reasons.

  1. They are super easy to use! Just add hot water!
  2. They have a ton of flavor for your cup!

Overall, my take is that the quality of the tea is good. I have many more to try to get a better understanding! Interested in trying some teas for yourself? Check out the Vahdam Teas site here!


While packaging may not be something that many people think about, I love seeing the packaging on different brands. It shows me how the brand wants to represent themselves & also how sustainable they are!

At first site of the Vahdam Teas packaging, the bags, boxes, & containers all scream luxury to me. This looks & feels like a high end tea brand. It makes you feel good to receive a package from them!

Sustainability is VERY important to me & the Fresh Steeps idea. When looking at the packaging it is very nice to see their limited use of plastic. This goes with their #2 value, “Frugality”. They do not overwhelm you with a bunch of plastic wrap or unnecessary packaging that is not needed. I love to see this.

Vahdam Teas also has been certified Plastic Neutral! This is incredible! They have managed to recognize their part as a large company & take action. This is not something we see every day & for that I commend Vahdam teas!

Bonus Points

Vahdam Teas goes above and beyond in some aspects that should be noted!

  • Plastic Neutral & Climate Neutral!
  • TEAch Me: “1% of our revenue is directed towards the education of our tea workers’ children In India.”
  • Transparent about sustainability with public reports.
  • Many organic teas to choose from!
  • Health conscious for the consumers.
  • Featured on Oprah Winfrey’s list of Favorite Things in 2018 & 2019.
  • Featured in Ellen DeGeneres’ Summer Gift box 2020.

So, Should I Trust Vahdam Teas?

Vahdam Teas has a founder who has lived & loved tea his whole life. He has taken the necessary steps to ensure that their goal of cutting out any middleman has been met & the highest quality tea is delivered from his farm to your cup! They have so many types of teas to choose from like loose-leaf traditional tea, bagged teas, or premade powdered mixes.

They uphold the integrity of their brand by taking care of the Vahdam Teas workers, growing & harvesting the best tea plants, delivering a luxurious product, & remaining sustainable the entire time.

I would recommend this brand if you are looking for a great way to expand on your tea journey! Interested in trying some for yourself? Checkout the Vahdam Teas website here!

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