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What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder – Unique Characteristics and More

What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder – Unique Characteristics and More

Matcha, more than just a coffeehouse fad nowadays. You see matcha as tea, in foods, in literature, and more! It has become so popular and is quoted as being a superfood and more.

So what is matcha green tea powder? What makes it different or the same as green tea? Where did it originate? What are the health benefits? And so much more!


When discussing matcha it is important to know where this wonder tea began. The earliest record of matcha goes back to the Tang Dynasty of China. This dates back to the 7th – 10th centuries.

The Tang Dynasty first formed the green tea leaves that make up matcha into bricks to transfer with ease. When they finally arrived at their final location, they would pulverize the bricks and add them to hot water and salt. While this is the first indication of matcha being used, the Song Dynasty popularized the beverage.

The Song Dynasty reigned from the 10th – 13th centuries. During this time a Zen Buddhist Monk named Eisai traveled from China to Japan bringing along with him Chinese green tea seeds. When he introduced Kyoto to these leaves and tea, they loved them and grew them in the main temple area. This led to a boom in matcha being popularized and revered

Later, this tea became so popularized in Japan that a complete and total ceremony was developed. The details and procedures for that will have to be explained in another article :).

Matcha later in these centuries was transitioned to being grown in shade. This is said to boost the health benefits in the tea.

Matcha Properties

Check out those differences!

How is matcha different than loose-leaf or bagged green tea you buy anywhere? As we eluded a bit to in the origins story from the Tang Dynasty, matcha is actually the green tea leaf that is pulverized to a fine powder. Instead of steeping the tea leaves to extract the oils and healthy components, matcha utilizes the whole leaf.

Matcha is known for its vibrant, dark green color. This comes from that change in growing process done in the late 14th – 16th centuries.

When the plant is transitioned from growing in direct sunlight to growing in shade, the chlorophyll content of the plant increases. This happens because the plant is looking for more sun to conduct it food producing process called photosynthesis. Ultimately this leads to a darker & bolder color in the plant and therefore the tea.

When consuming the full leaf of the plant the health benefits of a normal cup of green tea skyrocket!

Health Benefits

1 cup of matcha green tea to 10 cups of normal green tea? Sign me up!

Green tea and matcha come from the same plant. All the wonderful healthy traits of green tea are the same in matcha, times 10!

It is said that one cup of matcha has the equivalent nutrient quality of 10 cups of green tea. That’s insane!!! What are those awesome nutrients that we are talking about? Here are a few:

  • EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate): EGCG is the wonder catechin. It is responsible for possibly preventing some cancers, heart disease, strokes, arthritis and other inflammatory issues. It also can help aid in weight loss due to its ability to boost metabolism!
  • L-Theanine: An amino acid linked to helping boost mental cognition, alertness and relaxation. This amino acid paired with caffeine has been known to be a super combo! The energizing kick from the caffeine paired with the relaxing calmness of the L-Theanine allows there to be far less of a peak and crash. This too will aid in regulating dopamine and serotonin levels in the mind and body.
  • Chlorophyll: A boosted amount of chlorophyll acts as a detox for the body. Chlorophyll has been known to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. This can lead to healthier skin, fewer wrinkles and a reduction in acne.


Delicious matcha green tea layer cake!

While our favorite way to consume matcha is in the tea form, there are many other uses for it!

Try it in baking recipes! There are countless recipes that call for matcha to be used. Primarily in baked goods, you can use matcha in cakes, muffins, donuts, pancakes, waffles, the list goes on!

You can also find matcha in healthcare and beauty products. There are face and body washes, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and more.

Fresh Steeps always will recommend the authentic and true way to enjoy matcha (AKA tea), but if you are feeling like exploring new options, try mixing it into your favorite baked good or moisturizer!

Matcha Every Day!

Matcha is an old drink that is only becoming more and more popular by the day. Originally from China, made popular by Japan and now found all over the world, matcha is one of its kind.

It is known for the fine, dark, vibrant and beautifully green powder form it comes in. Along with its popular look, matcha is well know for the health benefits.

Whether it is EGCG, L-Theanine, chlorophyll, caffeine, or something else, you are getting the best and highest quality with matcha!

Click the picture to check out cool Matcha Kari products!

On top of all of this, matcha can be used not only as a delicious tea, but also in cooking as well as beauty products and more! So what is matcha green tea powder? Well, matcha is truly a one of a kind that you need to try!

If you would like to pick out some of your own matcha to try today, check out Matcha Kari here or by clicking on the picture to the right. one of Fresh Steeps favorite matcha carriers!

Let us know in the comments what you think about matcha green tea powder.


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14 thoughts on “What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder – Unique Characteristics and More

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Vince, I drink a lot of tea including “Green Tea” and have been doing so for some years now, but this is the first time that I have ever heard of Matcha Tea.

      You mention that the ground down green tea is around 10x the benefit to the normal stuff which is incredible.

      Just checked out where I can get this locally in the UK and it looks like Holland & Barrattssell it so I will be making a visit shortly.

      Thanks for enlightening me on the difference.

      • Author gravatar

        I am glad to have enlightened your tea knowledge! Matcha is one of my favorites, but make sure you are getting good quality stuff. It will make the entire experience completely different, and frankly better! This is why I love Matcha Kari’s matcha.

        I know, right?! 10x what a normal cup of green tea would provide, it’s crazy. Truly powerful stuff! Love that you are choosing to shop local! If you have anymore questions, let us know here!

    • Author gravatar

      Hey Vince-
      I’ve heard about matcha but never understood that it is the same green tea plant but a stronger concentration since you actually ingest the green tea leaves. Very cool. Definitely going to give it a try.

      • Author gravatar

        Mia, thanks for the comment. Yea, by ingesting the whole leaf it is remarkable the added benefits! This also comes from the unique growing conditions as well. Make sure to grab some and try it yourself!

    • Author gravatar

      Thank you so so much for this informative post! I had no idea that matcha tea had so many health benefits. This is definitely something that I’ll consider trying.
      Have you tried it in any baked goods? If so, what do you recommend for a first try?

    • Author gravatar

      I have tried Matcha tea and I liked it, but it takes some getting used to the chalkiness of it. Are they all like that or maybe it was just the type I tried? It was a thicker texture but it still tasted great and has so many health benefits.

      • Author gravatar

        Carla, thanks for the comment. That is a very good point! Unlike green tea, the tea is more dense and does have a texture to it. The “chalkiness” that you mention is a part of it sometimes. I have noticed that higher quality matcha is smoother. Also, if you whisk it properly with one of the bamboo matcha whisks the matcha incorporates better into the hot water and is again smoother!

    • Author gravatar

      Hey Vince! I’ve recently become addicted to matcha tea, but have only had it at restaurants/coffee shops. I’d like to buy some to make at home. Do you have any favorite brands that can be found in stores, or do you recommend buying online?

      • Author gravatar

        Cierra, thanks for the question! I highly encourage people to incorporate it into their home routine if you are going to drinking it often.

        Probably my favorite brand for matcha is Matcha Kari. All they do is matcha and they source it from Japan. The quality is outstanding and really shows in the flavor. If you want to try some of their matcha, in the above article is a link highlighted in bright orange you can click on or just click here at this link (https://matcha.com/?rfsn=3740692.7007a5)!

        Thanks again for the question!

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Vince,

      I am an avid tea drinker. I drink the normal English tea from the supermarket, and I have tried green tea when I was training hard, as I know it is good to keep the weight off.

      I have never heard of the matcha tea powder before. But, I have tried tea from China before so maybe I have tried without knowing. Bruce Lee was a huge tea drinker so I am guessing he will have tried this out. Being a martial artist myself, I think I might give this a go when I can find it.

      I will give you my own opinion of it, and I’ll recommend your post and site to my friends and family. They are avid tea drinkers too.

      Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work.

      All the best,


      • Author gravatar

        Tom, I agree with you! I am an avid martial artist myself and love enjoying green tea and matcha before going to train. Bruce Lee did indulge in matcha!

        I would love to hear your thoughts and please do share with family and friends!

        Thanks for the comment.

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