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What Tea Is Good For Upset Stomachs – Fresh Steeps Favorites

What Tea Is Good For Upset Stomachs – Fresh Steeps Favorites

Honestly, there is nothing better than when you are feeling down brewing a nice warm cup of tea to soothe those blues. I turn to tea for every mood really! Besides moods, I turn to tea even when I start to feel unwell. Something that unfortunately we all experience at sometime is an upset stomach. Whether it is from eating too much delicious food, you caught a stomach bug, or you just happened to feel yucky, tea can help soothe the mind & body!

This article will walk through some of Fresh Steeps favorite tea to answer the question “What tea is good for upset stomachs?” Continue on to see what we recommend & love!

The unfortunate discomfort we have all been in!

Ginger Tea

Ginger Root!

Ginger is an absolute powerhouse of a herb. I honestly cannot get enough it! I consume ginger in some form daily whether that be as a powder, tea, soup, or in a favorite dish!

Ginger has been studied & found to be pretty remarkable when it comes to aiding digestive discomfort & nausea. Many anti-nausea medications are actually derived from ginger root! Why is this the case? Ginger contains compounds known as gingerols & shogaols. These have been studied for their effects on the digestive system, as well as their anti-inflammatory properties, & shown positive results! (1, 2, 3)

Ginger tea is super easy to prepare as well! If you have the ginger root, simply shave the outer layer off, slice the root into thin pieces, boil water with slices in the pot, simmer for 10 – 20 minutes, & enjoy!

If you are looking for ease, here are two of Fresh Steeps favorite ginger teas to check out!

Buddha Teas Ginger Tea

Tiesta Tea’s Lemon Ginger Turmeric

Tiesta Tea’s Chocolate Ginger Turmeric

Other herbs that go well with ginger are turmeric, lemon, cinnamon, lemongrass, & chocolate!

Mint Tea

Delicious Mint Harvest!

Straight up, mint teas are incredible. They bring me so much life & relaxation! Specifically I love peppermint & spearmint.

Peppermint has always been such a relaxing & calming tea for me. For the longest time I would drink peppermint before bed every night! This tea is so fresh & soothing, it just made me feel fantastic at the end of a long day.

Both peppermint & spearmint are refreshing & can bring life back into you! That is why many toothpastes & bubble gums are flavored like it (or some other mint relative). Peppermint has been studied to be useful in reducing nausea in certain treatments like chemo. On top of that it people have claimed that the smell alone has soothed their digestive discomfort! Spearmint contains a compound known as carvone that shows promising results for nausea & stomach discomfort. (4, 5, 6, 7)

These two minty relatives are sure to make you feel great & take on the day with more comfort! Check out the Fresh Steeps recommendations below for favorite mint teas!

Buddha Teas European Peppermint

Buddha Teas Spearmint Leaf

Tiesta Tea’s Peppermint Cocoa

Other herbs that go well with mint are chocolate, rooibos, & green tea!

Fennel Tea

Fennel is one of those herbs that is subtly really delicious as a tea! you cannot find many tea blends with fennel in it, but it supplies such a unique & delicious taste that I have personally grown to love.

I discovered fennel tea due to its amazing healing properties in the gut & stomach! Fennel is a member of the carrot family & has a taste often mistaken for licorice. Many studies have found it to be used successfully to aid in constipation, stomachaches, gas, & diarrhea. For women menstruating, there have been some really awesome research backing its use for cramps! (8, 9)

This uniquely flavored herb will spice up your tea game for sure! Check out the Fresh Steeps fennel favorite below!

Buddha Teas Fennel Seed

Fennel pairs well with herbs like holy basil, lavender, star anise, & butterfly pea flower!

Fennel Seed!

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has always been known as the sleepy time tea. It actually has not always been a favorite tea of mine until recently. Chamomile has a very earthy flavor that alone did not always do it for me, but now I have grown much more fond of it!

Chamomile has a minor sedative effect on the nerves that just helps your body relax. It does wonders on the digestive too & aids with stomachaches, gas, constipation, indigestion, & nausea. This herb too has been found to help relieve some stomach discomfort from chemotherapy. (10, 11)

As mentioned, chamomile alone is not my favorite. I love the Tiesta Tea Lavender Chamomile blend below, but check out the other Fresh Steeps recommendations!

Tiesta Tea’s Lavender Chamomile

Tiesta Tea’s Mango Dreamzzz

Buddha Teas Chamomile (Click here for a loose-leaf option)

Chamomile pairs best with lavender, vanilla, lemongrass, & citrus!

Chamomile Flower!

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, we all will experience some sort of stomach discomfort at some point in our life. I find myself always turning to a nice warm cup of tea when that time strikes!

The Fresh Steeps favorites may not be your favorites, so let us know in the comments what you turn to in these times of discomfort! Ultimately, I hope to have answered the question “What tea is good for upset stomachs?”.


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