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Zi Chun Tea Review – Tea, Packaging, Mission & More

Zi Chun Tea Review – Tea, Packaging, Mission & More

Here at Fresh Steeps, we partner with different tea brands that support our vision. If you want to refresh what Fresh Steeps vision is check out the “About Vince” page.

Fresh Steeps wants to promote only the healthiest, most sustainable, organic teas that are grown and harvested across the world!

We make sure to research each of the brands we affiliate with to ensure the tea we promote is harvested with caring and loving hands so that the love that is poured into the leaves throughout the process is also steeped into our cups!

Here is an in depth Zi Chun Tea review!

Zi Chun Tea’s Story & Values

Zi Chun Tea is a small company with an international presence. Founder of the brand, Peter Wescombe is an Australian born tea connoisseur. He traveled and lived in Asia for 25 years. In this time he fell in love with the Chinese and Taiwanese tea culture. From here, Peter’s entrepreneurial was sparked to create the brand of Zi Chun Tea!

Peter has had the opportunity to learn the Art of Tea from some of the most highly regarded tea masters in China and the world! This has led him to appreciate the quality and care for Asian teas, and given him the opportunity to truly understand what it means to have a quality cup of tea.

Zi Chun Teas, while being local to Asia & Australia, has a presence in Europe and the United States as well. They look to partner with local shops and restaurants that are holistic and wellness centered.

Tea Quality

GABA Gold Oolong Tea!

It is one thing to have a lot of titles and claims to your name, but ultimately true appreciation and care for tea will show in the product…and it is safe to say Zi Chun Tea shows a true care for the tea!

When you purchase a tea from Zi Chun Tea, you know that you are going to get a quality cup of tea that has been sourced from tea fields that are grown with love and attention. The teas all have unique flavor content and truly show their colors.

Tea is interesting in the sense that the flavor and type can completely change depending on where it is grown and processed. Zi Chun Tea does a wonderful job at defining exactly where the tea you are ordering comes from! They offer tea from China, India, Taiwan & Japan, all of which specialize in different teas. This gives you the opportunity to experience the culture of these places even on the other end of the world!

One of my personal favorite teas from Zi Chun Tea is the GABA Gold Oolong tea. This tea contains at minimum 150 of GABA per 100g of dry tea. GABA (or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is an amino acid that helps relieve stress and anxiety by attaching to the brains neurotransmitters. The oolong tea is perfect for an early afternoon boost to achieve a calm focus due to the low levels of caffeine and GABA mix!

But don’t just take my word for it, try some for yourself here!


Zi Chun Tea GABA Gold Oolong Tea

It may be a weird thing for me, but I love analyzing the packaging of brands. If there are details in the packaging taken, it shows me that the brand truly cares for all the details and it will show too in the quality of the tea.

Zi Chun Tea does a beautiful job with their packaging. From the shape, size and durability, along with the colors, this packaging is excellent. One of the nicest details I noticed was the sticking with the theme of the tea. For example with the GABA Gold Oolong tea again, the pouch that the tea came in was a beautiful gold and the tea itself is gold too!

Everything about the packaging is recyclable as well. There is no plastic involved either!

Bonus Points

Here are a few other awesome points and some things that I believe Zi Chun Tea can do better with…

  • Customer service is excellent! Peter himself contacts people with questions and answers and is very responsive.
  • They only do loose leaf tea. This is excellent in my opinion, but many people love the tea bag option. So if you are looking for tea bags, unfortunately you will have to look elsewhere.
  • Not all of their products are labeled organic. I love the entire process of organic growing for health of the planet, environment and people. They do have many organic options though!

So, Should I Trust Zi Chun Tea?

Let’s recap Zi Chun Teas. They are founded by Peter Wescombe, an Australian native who lived and traveled through Asia for 25 years. While on his journeys he grew to know and love Asian tea and started Zi Chun Tea from there!

Zi Chun Tea focuses their energy on supplying high quality Asian tea to holistic and wellness centered brands and people. They truly care about what you are putting into your body. From packaging details to customer service, Zi Chun Tea focuses on the details providing an overall excellent and delightful tea experience.

So, should you trust Zi Chun Tea? Yes!!! But again, don’t take my word for it…try some for yourself! Check out their full site here and explore the vast world of tea they offer.

Did you like this Zi Chun Tea review? Let us know in the comments! Let us know what tea brands you would love to see a review on too!

Click on the picture to explore Zi Chun Tea!

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