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The Blends

Caffeinated Blends

Caffeinated Blends

These 3 blends are perfect to start your day or give you... 

Decaf Blends

Decaf Blends

Looking for a tea to rest & recover with no caffeine boost?... 

Revolutionary Herbs & Teas

Every herb & tea was selected for specific functions & flavors in the Fresh Steeps blends. From herbs like ashwagandha, gotu kola, dandelion root, & yerba mate to teas like pu'erh & gunpowder green tea, these teas are unique, functional, & delicious!

  • Recovery

    As active people we end up wearing our bodies down. The blessing is that with proper nutrition & rest, we can get back to our favorite activities in no time! Tea blends like Immuni-Tea can help provide the cellular nutrients our muscles & brain need to recover to take on the next day. On top of that, sleep is our biggest ally in recovery. Work with blends like Zen Blend to have the best sleep tonight!

  • Longevity

    We all want to be as active and healthy for as long as possible. Tea is here to provide the health, vitality, & longevity we need! Some of the biggest killers of longevity are poor diets, sleep habits, & imbalanced gut microbiome. Tea blends like Chai Cleanse contain pu'erh tea, ashwagandha, & dandelion root which are powerhouses in supporting gut & liver function.

  • Performance

    As active people we need to be on the top of our day. What if tea could provide the calm & focused energy you need to be physically & mentally ready? Tea blends like Warrior's Boost or Mint Medley are your blends for game time. They provide energy from caffeinated teas like yerba mate & green tea while also focusing the mind with revolutionary herbs like gotu kola.

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